The summer house at the end of the deck is my sewing studio.

I am a designer and artisan who passionately believes that our homes should reflect ourselves and the journey of our lives. Whether we have lived in the same house our whole adult life raising a family or traveling the world for our work, making a home wherever we find ourselves, are these both not a journey?

I also believe in the Japanese phrase Wabi-Sabi or “perfect imperfection”; whereby a look is pulled together combining pieces that show their age and wear, quirky and personal mementos of a life well lived and a healthy disregard for boundaries between inside and outside. There is a confidence to be gained from knowing exactly what you like and bringing it into your home irregardless of whether it is fashionable or on trend.

My passion is to work with people who enjoy the journey as much as do,. It is such a joy and privilege to work with people to create a home where “coming home” is the best part of the day.